The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe

1. Year in Crossdressing - 2013


2. Male Femininity Tumblr -


3. The bitter pill of male contraception


4. JAPANCRUSH: Photo of Man In Drag Riding Women-Only Carriage Trends Online


5. Bamboozled: Why I am quitting Tropfest


6. Paris Lees: From bullied child to transgender woman: my coming



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In this podcast my wife, Mrs. Aeris, answers the following questions about crossdressing from a significant others' perspective.


* What was your initial response to learning I was a crossdresser?

* What did you think when you first saw me crossdressed?

* Do you think crossdressing has a good, neutral, or negative effect on our lives?

* Why do you think you are so supportive of my crossdressing?

* What advice would you give to significant others trying to understand their partner's crossdressing?

* Are you concerned about me being physically or emotionally harmed by being crossdressed in society?

* Over our relationship, can you point anything that has made me more comfortable with my crossdressing?

* What advice would you give to crossdressers trying to find love?

* Anything else to add?



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1. Two wonderful petitions

3. Fashion - Gary Bigeni
4. Men Finally Welcomed at Switzerland's last surviving finishing school
5. Modelling both as a masculine and a femme


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1. Scrapbooking

2. Fashion segment - Style Area (JP)


WARNING: This website triggered my virus scanner. Operate at your own risk!


3. Book Review - 'The nearest exit may be behind you' essays by S.Bear Bergman


4. App Review - Campus Life


5. Buzzfeed - Germany says its Rainbow Olympic Uniforms Are Not Pride Flags




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1. Seasonal dressing - does the weather affect your dressing?
2. Couples doing the switcheroo
3. Airbrushing and trans-people
Ideas from:
4. Fashion -
5. China gender wars - the jobs Chinese girls just can't do


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1. Thought experiment - The pill


2. Crossdressing in the news


Why Drag Queens are better role models than Disney princesses


Disney Princesses dressed in their princes' threads


3. Book review - Almost perfect


4. Fashion - Little Party Dress


5. Sarcasm - 5 ways discrimination works for crossdressers


(and why we need to get rid of all discrimination)



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1. Crossdressing in the news

Student crowned first transgender high school homecoming queen in US history

Guyana judge rules that crossdressing is legal unless its done for an improper purpose

2. China and Gender - History and Family

Pictures of the Shanghai Marriage Market

3. A crossdresser's guide to shopping in Shanghai

Qipu Road Clothing Market (上海七浦路服装批发市场)

Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market (亚太新阳服饰礼品市场)

Details can be found at:

4. China and women's magazines



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1. Firsts - How I started crossdressing


2. Crossdressing in the News


Tacoma police seek crossdressing partner


How do people who change gender choose a name


3. Positive message in the world

The Awesome Foundation

Great video describing the organisation -

Website -


4. Fashion - ModCloth


Shiny bubbles dress -


Opine and dine dress -


About the Artist Dress in Red -


5. Male Suffragettes

Meghalaya India: Where women rule, and men are suffragettes -



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The first podcast for Cami's Crossdressing Canopy!




1. Introduction


2. Crossdressing in the News


New Tokyo Crossdressing Bar Appeals to First-Time Drag Queens


Fans Take Videogame Damsels Out of Distress, Put Them in Charge


3. Standing up for what you believe in - A hero


4. Fashion


5. Managing Carmen



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