The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe
New York - Stonewall & Kinky Boots!!

1. My visit to Stonewall Inn


2. Kinky Boots


Clip of Wayne Brady as Lola -



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7 Wonderful LGBT & Gender Things!!



1. Cities lead forward anti-trans discrimination


2. Target will stop separating toys and bedding into girls' and boys' sections


3. Crossdressing Ken doll sparks backlash, then huge support


4. Mattel produces an Ashley Graham Barbie doll


5. Tokyo Comic-con lifts ban on male crossdressers


6. Tokyo crossplay event!


7. A beautiful love story



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What US Trans people need to think about



1. Be aware of possible hate crimes


Day 1 in Trump's America -


2. Sort important things out now


3. Remember there is beauty in the world


Jordan Smith - Chandelier -



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1. Interesting times...


2. #HeForShe


#HeForShe Facebook discussion -


3. Queer brides lead LGBT protest



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Check out the website for photos!




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Drag Queen Workshop - Review!

How Cami heard about it..


Why was Mrs Cami interested in the drag course?


Week 0 - Not knowing what to expect


Week 1 - Introduction lecture - what is drag?


Weekend 1 - Outfit shopping


Week 2 - Padding, Tucking, Movement, Initial Routine Planning


Weekend 2 - Makeup shopping


Week 3 - Makeup


Week 4 - Rehearsal 1


Week 5 - Dress Rehearsal


Week 6 - Dress rehearsal 2 + Professional drag performing


Week 7 - The performance!


Cami (Cami Flage) outfit and routine - Carmen Sandiego


Mrs Cami (B. Trothed) outfit and routine - Mon Amour


Final Review



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How to Support a Genderqueer Person

Understanding Children's Gender -


Support statistics referenced in a previous podcast - 


Good response - How can I support my friend who is transgender


StoryCorps & NPR - The Saint of Dry Creek -




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50 Podcasts!!

1. Rise in Transgender and Gender in Google Trends


2. Podcast aims remain the same.


3. Podcast - What's most downloaded, What isn't...


4. "Choosing a Counsellor" - an epilogue




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Anika on trans movies, role models



1. Icebreakers


* If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only have one piece of feminine clothing, what would it be?


* Do you prefer flats, 2-inch heels, or 4-inch heels?


* Favourite piece of jewellery?


* Where would you go, anywhere in the world, for a femme night out?


2. Trans movies and TV shows


Anika's pick: Transparent -


3. Genderfluid - Definitions


4. Role Models



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Exercise (Women's Health, SHAPE)

Average Rating 8/20

(Femmeness 1.5/5, Informative 3.5/5, Inspiring 2/5, Gender Fluidity 1/5)


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Scientific Studies (HBO) -


Bridal (1 unnamed)

Average Rating 5/20

(Femmeness 3/5, Informative 2/5, Inspiring 0/5, Gender Fluidity 0/5)


Teens (Seventeen)

Average Rating 10/20

(Femmeness 2/5, Informative 3/5, Inspiring 4/5, Gender Fluidity 1/5)


Mature Interest (Oprah, Southern Lady, Cowgirl, Woman's Day)

Average Rating 5.8/20

(Femmeness 1.5/5, Informative 1.8/5, Inspiring 1.5/5, Gender Fluidity 1/5)


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements (HBO) -


Woman's Interest (BUST, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Glamour, Marie Claire, Sheen)

Average Rating 9/20

(Femmeness 3.2/5, Informative 2.7/5, Inspiring 2.3/5, Gender Fluidity 0.8/5)


Fashion (Allure, Bazaar, Elle, Instyle, Nylon, Vogue)

Average Rating 10.8/20

(Femmeness 3.2/5, Informative 2.8/5, Inspiring 2.3/5, Gender Fluidity 2.5/5)


Concluding thoughts



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1. The Orlando shooting - managing queer risks


2. Dr Elizabeth Riley and Raina Jardin's presentation


3. Jodie Dawson's blog piece - Toilet Talk


4. Selfish Crossdressing?



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1. Will the Rio Olympics re-define gendered sports?


Boyce MJ, Baisley KJ, Clark EV, Warrington SJ - Are published normal ranges of serum testosterone too high? Results of a cross-sectional survey of serum testosterone and luteinizing hormone in healthy men.


2. Men competing as women?




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1. Why Cami? - Why do I have a female name?


2. The weird ways of posing females




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Rapunzel dress

Gender fluid: Girl, boy, non-binary


Youtuber Grace - Seadresa


Gay acceptance / marriage polling


Greater acceptance - why?


SheZow -



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How to go about choosing a counsellor!




1. How I realised I needed a counsellor.


2. Finding a counsellor for the first time.


3. Finding a counsellor this time.


4. Writing an initial email to my counsellor.


Related podcasts:-




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The Danish Girl -


Non-binary people challenges -



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