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1. A Revolutionary Surgery Could Finally Let Trans Women Carry Children


2. Lonely men 


3. Fashion - Ann Taylor


Tall Velvet Pencil Skirt -


Tall Back Zip Peplum Top -


Marked Boucle Jacket -


4. Transgender inspiration - Isabel Jimenez



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A very interesting chat with Kink & Poly-Aware Sex Therapist Alexandria Champagne!


This is a podcast for those 18 years old or over.




 1. As a starter what made you want to become a sex therapist?


2. What inspired you to write your book "Knotty Time"?


3. What is kink?


4. Is Crossdressing a kink?


5. Can kinks ever be unhealthy?


6. How would you go about re-assessing your kinks?


7. What happens when a scene doesn't go like I wanted? What should I do if my partner is wary of kink?


8. Any recommendations for someone who wants to see a sex therapist?


9. Anything else you'd like to add?


10. Where can someone get a copy of Knotty Time?



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Howdy y'all!




1. Howdy US


2. Halloween


3. JJ Levine - Couples Swap Genders In These Awesomely Awkward Prom Pics


4. Introducing Teddy: Crowdfunded book about transgender toy inspired by real family goes global



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1. Moving to the US - a gendered perspective


2. A women's sexuality is more fluid than a man's - study


3. Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume


4.  Mixed Synchronised Swimming


5. Transgender Heroes - Laura A. Jacobs



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1. Cordelia Fine talk - The gender galaxy: beyond Mars and Venus


Her lecture is available at


My previous podcast about Fine's work -


2. Insult, Aggression, and the Southern Culture of Honor: An "Experimental Ethnography"


3. Gender norm problems with a friend


4. #NudeComesInAllShades


5.  CD Pride vs Humiliation


Men taught to suppress emotions - Can't find its linked source, believe it is from


6. Genderqueer Role Models: William Powell Eddins




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1. Therapy


Dr Elizabeth's wisdom


"As a crossdresser, you need to crossdress regularly. It is like your therapy, and will be a huge stress reliever."


"During moments of intense stress, crossdressers can feel their dressing desires much more strongly than normal. These intense feelings can sometimes make crossdressers feel that they need to transition, when in reality all they need is to remove the source of intense stress."


2. #PowerofMakeup


3. Masks


Makup Artist


Lilli Female Foam Latex Mask


Honka White Gothic Hood Foam Latex Mash with Black Lips


Nikki's Monster Shop


2nd Skin


 CreaFX studio


4. Viewpoint: Watching the lesbians in India


5. Shoutouts for this weekend



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Irish marriage, Pink punishment



1. Travel troubles


2. Pink punishment


3. Crossdressing in Gaming - Witcher III (Adult rating)


4. Crossdressing Fashion - Glamour Boutique


Sexy Sequin Dress -


Stretch Pink Skirt with Double Hem -


Lace Bodice Black Dress -


"Owl" earrings -


5. Irish gay marriage passes






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1. April Fools Day - Jokes for Crossdressing?


2.  Menswear Fashion takes a feminine turn


3. Pregnancy Envy


4. Crossdresser Envy



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1. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


 Picture of Tank -


2. My magazine crush: SLiNK magazine


3. Commemorating the wonderful Terry Pratchett


4. Superpowers




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1. Sea of Humanity


2. One size fits all clothing




3. Sports


Afghanistan's World Cup win


Womens sports - competition more important than skills


4. Trans panic


5. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Uganda and Pepe Julian Onziema



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Gender Stereotypes Quiz 


Assign a value between 0-5 based on how much you like the following things or activities:


If you think it is awesome, give it a 5

If you really like it, give it a 4

If you like it, give it a 3

If you a neutral about it, give it a 2

If you don't like it, give it a 1.

If you really don't like it, give it a 0.


1. Gardening

2. Drinking coffee

3. Baking

4. Going to a hardware / outdoor supplies store

5. Checking social media

6. Playing a harp

7. Wearing dark-coloured clothing

8. Voting

9. Flirting

10. Joining the army

11. Woodworking / Metalworking

12. Drawing

13. Going to parties

14. Drinking beer

15. Camping / hiking

16. Travelling

17. Learning a foreign language

18. Owning a cat

19. Going Go-Kart Racing

20. Watching Action Movies

21. Watching the News

22. Reading Fashion Magazines

23. Eating Thai Food

24. Fighting Sports

25. Wearing Jeans

26. Reading Romance Novels

27. Playing Consoles / Computer Games

28. Scrapbooking / Pinteresting

29. Painting the house

30. Wearing tight-fitting clothing


Listen to the podcast to determine your score, and what I am trying to convey!


MTF Crossdressing Stereotypes Quiz


Preparation / Wearing


1. Wearing eyeliner

2. Wearing full make-up

3. Wearing over-the-top makeup

4. Wearing a wig

5. Wearing femme costumes

6. Wearing skirts

7. Wearing breast forms

8. Wearing femme underwear

9. Wearing a corset

10. Having clean-shaven legs


Activities / Inclinations


1. Shopping for clothes

2. Attracted to men

3. Cooking

4. Cleaning

5. Reading femme magazines

6. Going out in femme attire

7. Having a manicure

8. Dancing in a femme way

9. Being submissive in the bedroom

10. Singing Drag Queen tunes


Listen to the podcast to determine your score, and what I am trying to convey!



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1. Puberty blockers / Cross-sex hormones


Transgender 13-year-old Zoey having therapy


2. Traits women are looking for in a boyfriend


7 non-existent traits to look for in your next boyfriend


How to find a feminist boyfriend by Lisa Bonos


3. What everyone will wear in 2015


What women will wear in 2015


4. The wonders of the internet


Disney store -


Enforcing "traditional gender roles" -




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