The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe

1. Facebook Gender and Pronoun Settings: Which Way Will You Go?


2. Animation Wonders


SheZow - (for Australian viewers)


Frozen's show stopping song "Let It Go" -


3. Cordelia Fine - Delusions of Gender - The Real Science Behind Sex Differences - Childhood -


4. Australian magazines


Vogue Australia Chinese Edition -


Raising my androgynous son Andrej Pejic -


5. Tall women clothes


The best sites to buy clothes for tall women -


Tall by Design -


Audrey Rosalie -


Alexa Dress -


Hepburn Shift -



6. Michael Sam and the NFL


Jon Stewart's view


Dallas sportcasters Dale Hansen's view (second video)



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This podcast I chat with my good crossdressing friend Anika, and her wonderful partner Ally.


Questions asked:


* Anika, when did you discover crossdressing?


* Anika, how do you identify on the crossdressing/trans spectrum?


* Ally, what was your initial response to finding out Anika crossdressed?


* Ally, what was your initial response to seeing Anika crossdressed?


* Anika, what do you enjoy about crossdressing?


* Anika, in the past, were you able to find support from family and/or friends?


* Ally, what impact does Anika's crossdressing have on your relationship?


* Ally, can you point to anything that made Anika more comfortable about her crossdressing?


* Both of you, how do you deal with telling friends and family about Anika?


* Anything else to add?



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