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1. Sports


Lionel Messi and the hazards of a red suit -


Why we find muscular women wildly perplexing? - Jamilla Rosdahl -


2. Assaults on men in Sydney


No country for young men: notions of gender must evolve - Catharine Lumby -


A horrific incident and an unfortunate reminder -


3. SHOP magazine - Which Look Pulls The Most Dates


Link to podcast article -


4. Healthy crossdressing: Avoiding the Supreme Court of Femme


5. Pinterest and Trans-nipples


Kirill Sadovy -


Daniel Landroche -


Modelling shot -


Concern over trans-nipples - Dossier's Andrej Pejic Cover Censored By Barnes & Noble, Borders, -


6. Curse of the mummyji: The eternal but shifting battle between Indian wives and their fearsome mothers-in-law -



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1. 2014 - New Year resolutions


2. Corset purchase


3. A review of social media for crossdressing


4. Gender in the media


Ten things: North Korea's film industry


Are Gender Stereotypes Good for Business?


5. Fashion: CherryPopLatex - through Etsy

My Dress of the Year (already!) - Custom Mademoiselle French themed Latex Dress, horizontal stripes pencil dress with long sleeves.


Custom Bombshell Puff Sleeve Latex Dress with contrast edging -


Custom Bombshell Latex Sweetheart Neckline Puff Sleeve Top with contrast edging

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