The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe (Genderqueer)

1. Introduction - Our collective battle through COVID-19

2. Gender Stats:-

* Men Number of Close Friends -

* Comfortable having an LGBT child -

* Men six time more likely as women to seek divorce if partner has a major illness -

         BUT THEY GOT IT WRONG. The retraction -


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1. The Current COVID world

2. Philosopher Alain De Botton's advice for these times on James Corden
The School of Life 
3. Tips for these gender times
4. Working from Home - Queer Pitfalls
5. Eurovision 2020
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Does Gender Mature with Age?

1. Experiences in Public

2. Introduction to Drag Makeup Comprehensive



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So, what's happening over this long break?

1. What's been happening

2. When a group challenges your gender

My advice:

  • Keep your cool. If you are startled, recover to be more cool and relaxed. Your calmness and sense of self will help to control the conversation.
  • Explain that you enjoy expressing yourself in this way.
  • Don't feel compelled to go any further in a group setting. You are not compelled to say anything else.


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Australia doesn't have same-sex marriage? Well, not yet.


1. What is a plebiscite?


2. Why doesn't Australia have same-sex marriage yet?


3. The No campaign


4. The Yes campaign


5. Polling and likely result



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1. Pride event - Community Day


2. Pride event - Illusion



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1. Drag March


Gothamist - Great photos!!


Outside the Stonewall in singing "Somewhere over the Rainbow"


2. Pride March



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1. Heineken's #OpenYourWorld campaign


2. In a push for equality, IOC wants to add mixed-gender events to Olympic program


3. Poll: Transgender rights in your country



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1. Protecting transgender rights and protections


2. Guest contributor Amanda Prosser talks about her upcoming project Survivors


 Discussing Amanda's work in a previous podcast


Amanda's Youtube page -


3. Seeking Gender Originality




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1. Gender empathy - thought provoking video


CNN - Male actor dresses as woman to experience sexual harassment


2. Gender dream safe zone


3. Harvard Project Implicit


4. Moved to wonderful New York!

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Hanne Gaby Odiele, Supporting Corporate Diversity

1. World Economic Forum - Disrupting the Status Quo of Gender Roles - 18 January 2017


Alternative link -


2. Wonderful YouTuber - Amanda Parnell


Amanda & Amanda -


Mystery Cities -


3. Hanne Gaby Odiele reveals she is intersex

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New Year, New Branding!

1. New Year, New Branding!


2. Thoughts of a woman who wore men's clothes for a month.





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New York - Stonewall & Kinky Boots!!

1. My visit to Stonewall Inn


2. Kinky Boots


Clip of Wayne Brady as Lola -



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7 Wonderful LGBT & Gender Things!!



1. Cities lead forward anti-trans discrimination


2. Target will stop separating toys and bedding into girls' and boys' sections


3. Crossdressing Ken doll sparks backlash, then huge support


4. Mattel produces an Ashley Graham Barbie doll


5. Tokyo Comic-con lifts ban on male crossdressers


6. Tokyo crossplay event!


7. A beautiful love story



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What US Trans people need to think about



1. Be aware of possible hate crimes


Day 1 in Trump's America -


2. Sort important things out now


3. Remember there is beauty in the world


Jordan Smith - Chandelier -



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1. Interesting times...


2. #HeForShe


#HeForShe Facebook discussion -


3. Queer brides lead LGBT protest



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Check out the website for photos!




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Drag Queen Workshop - Review!

How Cami heard about it..


Why was Mrs Cami interested in the drag course?


Week 0 - Not knowing what to expect


Week 1 - Introduction lecture - what is drag?


Weekend 1 - Outfit shopping


Week 2 - Padding, Tucking, Movement, Initial Routine Planning


Weekend 2 - Makeup shopping


Week 3 - Makeup


Week 4 - Rehearsal 1


Week 5 - Dress Rehearsal


Week 6 - Dress rehearsal 2 + Professional drag performing


Week 7 - The performance!


Cami (Cami Flage) outfit and routine - Carmen Sandiego


Mrs Cami (B. Trothed) outfit and routine - Mon Amour


Final Review



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How to Support a Genderqueer Person

Understanding Children's Gender -


Support statistics referenced in a previous podcast - 


Good response - How can I support my friend who is transgender


StoryCorps & NPR - The Saint of Dry Creek -




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50 Podcasts!!

1. Rise in Transgender and Gender in Google Trends


2. Podcast aims remain the same.


3. Podcast - What's most downloaded, What isn't...


4. "Choosing a Counsellor" - an epilogue




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Anika on trans movies, role models



1. Icebreakers


* If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only have one piece of feminine clothing, what would it be?


* Do you prefer flats, 2-inch heels, or 4-inch heels?


* Favourite piece of jewellery?


* Where would you go, anywhere in the world, for a femme night out?


2. Trans movies and TV shows


Anika's pick: Transparent -


3. Genderfluid - Definitions


4. Role Models



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Exercise (Women's Health, SHAPE)

Average Rating 8/20

(Femmeness 1.5/5, Informative 3.5/5, Inspiring 2/5, Gender Fluidity 1/5)


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Scientific Studies (HBO) -


Bridal (1 unnamed)

Average Rating 5/20

(Femmeness 3/5, Informative 2/5, Inspiring 0/5, Gender Fluidity 0/5)


Teens (Seventeen)

Average Rating 10/20

(Femmeness 2/5, Informative 3/5, Inspiring 4/5, Gender Fluidity 1/5)


Mature Interest (Oprah, Southern Lady, Cowgirl, Woman's Day)

Average Rating 5.8/20

(Femmeness 1.5/5, Informative 1.8/5, Inspiring 1.5/5, Gender Fluidity 1/5)


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Dr. Oz and Nutritional Supplements (HBO) -


Woman's Interest (BUST, Cosmopolitan, Essence, Glamour, Marie Claire, Sheen)

Average Rating 9/20

(Femmeness 3.2/5, Informative 2.7/5, Inspiring 2.3/5, Gender Fluidity 0.8/5)


Fashion (Allure, Bazaar, Elle, Instyle, Nylon, Vogue)

Average Rating 10.8/20

(Femmeness 3.2/5, Informative 2.8/5, Inspiring 2.3/5, Gender Fluidity 2.5/5)


Concluding thoughts



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1. The Orlando shooting - managing queer risks


2. Dr Elizabeth Riley and Raina Jardin's presentation


3. Jodie Dawson's blog piece - Toilet Talk


4. Selfish Crossdressing?



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1. Will the Rio Olympics re-define gendered sports?


Boyce MJ, Baisley KJ, Clark EV, Warrington SJ - Are published normal ranges of serum testosterone too high? Results of a cross-sectional survey of serum testosterone and luteinizing hormone in healthy men.


2. Men competing as women?




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1. Why Cami? - Why do I have a female name?


2. The weird ways of posing females




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Rapunzel dress

Gender fluid: Girl, boy, non-binary


Youtuber Grace - Seadresa


Gay acceptance / marriage polling


Greater acceptance - why?


SheZow -



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How to go about choosing a counsellor!




1. How I realised I needed a counsellor.


2. Finding a counsellor for the first time.


3. Finding a counsellor this time.


4. Writing an initial email to my counsellor.


Related podcasts:-




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The Danish Girl -


Non-binary people challenges -



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1. A Revolutionary Surgery Could Finally Let Trans Women Carry Children


2. Lonely men 


3. Fashion - Ann Taylor


Tall Velvet Pencil Skirt -


Tall Back Zip Peplum Top -


Marked Boucle Jacket -


4. Transgender inspiration - Isabel Jimenez



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A very interesting chat with Kink & Poly-Aware Sex Therapist Alexandria Champagne!


This is a podcast for those 18 years old or over.




 1. As a starter what made you want to become a sex therapist?


2. What inspired you to write your book "Knotty Time"?


3. What is kink?


4. Is Crossdressing a kink?


5. Can kinks ever be unhealthy?


6. How would you go about re-assessing your kinks?


7. What happens when a scene doesn't go like I wanted? What should I do if my partner is wary of kink?


8. Any recommendations for someone who wants to see a sex therapist?


9. Anything else you'd like to add?


10. Where can someone get a copy of Knotty Time?



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Howdy y'all!




1. Howdy US


2. Halloween


3. JJ Levine - Couples Swap Genders In These Awesomely Awkward Prom Pics


4. Introducing Teddy: Crowdfunded book about transgender toy inspired by real family goes global



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1. Moving to the US - a gendered perspective


2. A women's sexuality is more fluid than a man's - study


3. Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume


4.  Mixed Synchronised Swimming


5. Transgender Heroes - Laura A. Jacobs



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1. Cordelia Fine talk - The gender galaxy: beyond Mars and Venus


Her lecture is available at


My previous podcast about Fine's work -


2. Insult, Aggression, and the Southern Culture of Honor: An "Experimental Ethnography"


3. Gender norm problems with a friend


4. #NudeComesInAllShades


5.  CD Pride vs Humiliation


Men taught to suppress emotions - Can't find its linked source, believe it is from


6. Genderqueer Role Models: William Powell Eddins




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1. Therapy


Dr Elizabeth's wisdom


"As a crossdresser, you need to crossdress regularly. It is like your therapy, and will be a huge stress reliever."


"During moments of intense stress, crossdressers can feel their dressing desires much more strongly than normal. These intense feelings can sometimes make crossdressers feel that they need to transition, when in reality all they need is to remove the source of intense stress."


2. #PowerofMakeup


3. Masks


Makup Artist


Lilli Female Foam Latex Mask


Honka White Gothic Hood Foam Latex Mash with Black Lips


Nikki's Monster Shop


2nd Skin


 CreaFX studio


4. Viewpoint: Watching the lesbians in India


5. Shoutouts for this weekend



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Irish marriage, Pink punishment



1. Travel troubles


2. Pink punishment


3. Crossdressing in Gaming - Witcher III (Adult rating)


4. Crossdressing Fashion - Glamour Boutique


Sexy Sequin Dress -


Stretch Pink Skirt with Double Hem -


Lace Bodice Black Dress -


"Owl" earrings -


5. Irish gay marriage passes






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1. April Fools Day - Jokes for Crossdressing?


2.  Menswear Fashion takes a feminine turn


3. Pregnancy Envy


4. Crossdresser Envy



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1. Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


 Picture of Tank -


2. My magazine crush: SLiNK magazine


3. Commemorating the wonderful Terry Pratchett


4. Superpowers




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1. Sea of Humanity


2. One size fits all clothing




3. Sports


Afghanistan's World Cup win


Womens sports - competition more important than skills


4. Trans panic


5. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Uganda and Pepe Julian Onziema



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Gender Stereotypes Quiz 


Assign a value between 0-5 based on how much you like the following things or activities:


If you think it is awesome, give it a 5

If you really like it, give it a 4

If you like it, give it a 3

If you a neutral about it, give it a 2

If you don't like it, give it a 1.

If you really don't like it, give it a 0.


1. Gardening

2. Drinking coffee

3. Baking

4. Going to a hardware / outdoor supplies store

5. Checking social media

6. Playing a harp

7. Wearing dark-coloured clothing

8. Voting

9. Flirting

10. Joining the army

11. Woodworking / Metalworking

12. Drawing

13. Going to parties

14. Drinking beer

15. Camping / hiking

16. Travelling

17. Learning a foreign language

18. Owning a cat

19. Going Go-Kart Racing

20. Watching Action Movies

21. Watching the News

22. Reading Fashion Magazines

23. Eating Thai Food

24. Fighting Sports

25. Wearing Jeans

26. Reading Romance Novels

27. Playing Consoles / Computer Games

28. Scrapbooking / Pinteresting

29. Painting the house

30. Wearing tight-fitting clothing


Listen to the podcast to determine your score, and what I am trying to convey!


MTF Crossdressing Stereotypes Quiz


Preparation / Wearing


1. Wearing eyeliner

2. Wearing full make-up

3. Wearing over-the-top makeup

4. Wearing a wig

5. Wearing femme costumes

6. Wearing skirts

7. Wearing breast forms

8. Wearing femme underwear

9. Wearing a corset

10. Having clean-shaven legs


Activities / Inclinations


1. Shopping for clothes

2. Attracted to men

3. Cooking

4. Cleaning

5. Reading femme magazines

6. Going out in femme attire

7. Having a manicure

8. Dancing in a femme way

9. Being submissive in the bedroom

10. Singing Drag Queen tunes


Listen to the podcast to determine your score, and what I am trying to convey!



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1. Puberty blockers / Cross-sex hormones


Transgender 13-year-old Zoey having therapy


2. Traits women are looking for in a boyfriend


7 non-existent traits to look for in your next boyfriend


How to find a feminist boyfriend by Lisa Bonos


3. What everyone will wear in 2015


What women will wear in 2015


4. The wonders of the internet


Disney store -


Enforcing "traditional gender roles" -




Direct download: 20150120_Puberty_blockers_feminist_bfs_2015_fashion.mp3
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1. Introduction


2014 New Years Resolution achieved


SLINK magazine -


2. CANDY magazine


Candy magazine 7 - Lady Gaga / Marilyn Manson -


Candy magazine 8 - The Role Models -


Luis Venegas website -


3. Bridal magazines and their folly


4. Queer Inspiration - My new Pinterest board



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1. Skirts


2. Androgynous Guy blog -


Luis Conk -


Luis in a gorgeous dress -


David Ferran -


3. Review - The new gender workbook by Kate Bornstein



Direct download: 20141214_Skirts_Gender_Workbook.mp3
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1. Glass ceiling


My medium-level conference experience


An excerpt of the Marie Claire's excerpt Annabel Crabb's "The Glass Ceiling"


Women in Management survey


2. Costumes




Amy's Bedroom -




Mong Kok Ladies Market -


Costume Market -


Remy Fashion -


Matteo Party -


The air stewardess costume I bought (but mine is in electric pink!) -


3. Norway's mixed army




Direct download: 20141128_Glass_ceiling_Costumes_Army.mp3
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1. Halloween - Snow White


Snow White with Owl -


Medium skin tone Snow White -


Asian Snow White -


Pin-Up Makeup Look -


24 Pin-Up Hairstyles That Scream "Retro Chic"


2. Wicked


3. Cosmetic Surgery


4. Pro-active Prosthetics


General info -


Cleavage crop top -


5. Polished Men Point The Finger At Child Violence



Direct download: 20141026_Cosmetic_Surgery_Halloween_Prosthetics.mp3
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1. Transsexuals and how I think they are awesome


2. The question


3. Transgender T-Shirts


4. BBC Capital - When John become Joan


5. Webcomic - Questionable Content


First comic -


Transgender character Claire first introduced (redhead in fourth panel) -


Claire comes out as transgendered -


Marten - Claire started a discussion which leads to them starting a relationship -



Direct download: 20141011_Transsexualism_Webcomics_Tshirts.mp3
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1. #HeForShe - Emma Watson's amazing speech


Join the campaign at


2. JLaw and other celebrities photo leak 


3. K-Fashion - BONGJASHOP -


Navy dress with pastel flowers - 


Blue sleeveless dress -


Pink/White dress -


4. Magazines


The magazine I couldn't remember -


CANDY Magazine Transgender Michelle Obama cover -


Related article to Afghanistan bocha posh -


5. Madrid Annual High Heel Race -




Direct download: 20140924_HeForShe_JLaw_K-Fashion.mp3
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1. Gaming


SMOSH GAMES - Honest Trailer - Skyrim -


How World of Warcraft helped me come out as transgender -


2. Sexuality


Interactions between straight people and the transgendered community


Interactions between transgendered people and the transgendered community


3. Clubwear

Red Multi Color-Block Party Dress -


Black Multi Striped Sexy Bandage Dress -





Direct download: 20140826_Sexuality_Gaming_Clubwear.mp3
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1. More relaxed podcasts


Chat with TG Counsellor and Academic Dr Elizabeth Riley




Chat with Anika and Ally


2. Make up


41 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Have In Her Arsenal


Colorperfect blending system


3. Andreja Pejic's transition


4.  The Manskirt


The return of the manskirt -


Pinterest - males in skirts -


Red tartan skirt -


Blue knee length skirt -


Japanese men in skirts -


5. Great internet picture relating sexism to men, women, and transgenders.



Direct download: 20140801_Makeup_Role_models_Manskirts.mp3
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Chat with Dr Elizabeth Riley, Transgender Counsellor & Independent Academic

Dr Riley's work website -




  • As a starter, how did you become a counsellor for crossdressing/transgender persons?


  • Why are crossdressing/transgender people like this?


Milton Diamond -



  • Why does trans-phobia exist?

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She (2005) -



  • How can you deal with an unaccepting spouse/other family members?


  • How can I come out to people as crossdresser/transgender? Who should I come out to?


  • How are the counselling issues for transsexuals and crossdressers similar? How are they different?


  • How can I deal with desires to purge?


The Seahorse Society -



  • How do I find a crossdresser/trans-friendly counsellor?


World Professional Association for Transgendered Health -


  • Aside from counselors, what crossdresser/trans resources would you recommend?

Australia & New Zealand Professional Association for Transgendered Health -


The Gender Centre -


  • Anything else to add?




Direct download: 20140716_Chat_with_TG_Counsellor_Dr_Elizabeth_Riley.mp3
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My take on #YesAllWomen and why violence, whether physical, sexual, or emotional, needs to be stopped.




1. What is #YesAllWomen

TIME Magazine -The Most Powerful #YesAllWomen Tweets by Nolan Feeney


2. Violence

UN chapter on Violence Against Women -

Australian Government Department of Social Services - Facts about women's safety -

What men (and all people) can do to help stop domestic violence -


3. Misogyny

Workplace misogyny discussed in prior podcast -

Election body slammed for sexist cartoon -

Egypt's sexual harrassment pandemic - and the powerlessness of hashtags -

Pantene Philippines - Denise Laurel rises above her labels #WHIPIT -



Direct download: 20140701_YesAllWomen.mp3
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The World Cup beckons, so let's talk sport!


1. Transgendered people in sport


Jaiyah Saelua -


2. Female coaches in male sports


Helena Costa -


Amelie Mauresmo -


Peta Searle -


3. BBC News - The strange demands of life as a cheerleader -


4. Fashion - Feminine Sporting Costumes




Synchronised Swimming




58B Deep Green outfit -


59C Canary Yellow outfit -


5. Suzanne Heintz's Mannequins -


6. How to give ourselves advice as good as we give others -



Direct download: 20140613_Sports_Mannequins_Self-distancing.mp3
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1. Conchitta's win - YAY!


Russian entrepreneur to open Conchita Wurst hair salon in Moscow


2. Self-expression


3. China self-expression


4. Fashion - Clip-on earrings - Crossdress USA


Five Strand Royal Blue and Rhinestone Dangling Clip-on Earrings


Gold plated Clip-on Earrings


Multi-hoop Rhinestone Clip-on Earrings


Rhinestone Cluster with Black Rhinestone Clip-on earrings


Basket weave Gold clip-on earrings


5. Society perceptions


6. Cosmo!


Direct download: 20140529_Self_expression_Cosmo.mp3
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1. Transgender / Crossdressing in the Eurovision


1998 Dana International - Diva


2002 Sestre - Samo Ljubezen


2007 Drama Queen - Drama Queen


2007 Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai


2014 Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Pheonix


Music Clips in Podcast rights to Universal.


2. Internet things


Disney Princess Batman -


The Western Apperance Ideal -


3. Fashion - Hello Cosplay


Belle dress -


Elizabeth Swann Dress -


Marie Antoinette Victorian Ball Gown -


Pink Cosplay Wig -



Direct download: 20140510_Eurovision_Cosplay.mp3
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Arguments Against Crossdressing - Rebuttals


1. Dogma

 -  Because it is not natural

 - Because it is against our book

2. Society

 - Because it exposes you to possible physical harm

 - Because I will get rejected by my family

3. Philosophical

 - Because crossdressing is sexist, since many crossdressers portray women as sluts or submissive.  In other words, crossdressers portray women as less than men.

 - Because crossdressing reflects modern ideology 's obsession with self-identity.  People need to stop worrying about their individual goals and be more at one with the universe.

4. Limitations

 - Because I don't have money

 - Because I don't have space

 - Because I don't have time

5. Emotional

 - Because I look ugly as a femme

 - Because I feel bad after crossdressing

 - Because you need to accept gender norms to find someone to love you.

 - Because crossdressing is kinky



Direct download: 20140427_Arguments_Against_Crossdressing_-_Rebuttals.mp3
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Toilets, The Masqueraders, Shopping

1. Toilets


(i) Strong segegration in toilets


(ii) Differences between the sexes


(iii) Toilet equality fight


(iv) T-people, where to bathroom?


S. Bear Bergman - The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You


Refuge restrooms -


2. Fashion - Janet's Closet


Indulge 2000 Pink boots -


Shiny Latex Mini Snappy -


Olivia Wig -


Pretty Playing Card -

3. Canopy of Wonderfulness Inductee


The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer

4. Quickmeme - These Little Kids can Teach Adults a Thing or Two



Direct download: 20140323_Toilets_The_Masqueraders_Shopping.mp3
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1. Sydney Mardi Gras


2. Cami's conundrum: Dressing in public?


3. Fashion - Long Tall Sally


Monochrome Contrast Dress -


Paisley Scuba Dress -


Ruby Rocks Pheonix Quirky Print Dress -


Floral Mirror Scuba Dress -


4. Facebook's gender identities are a good start - but why stop at 56?


5. Gender in the media


Gorgeous Photography Series Portrays Gay Couples All Over The Globe -


 Sex, brains, and inequality -


6. Cordelia Fine - Delusions of Gender - The Real Science Behind Sex Differences - Adulthood



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1. Facebook Gender and Pronoun Settings: Which Way Will You Go?


2. Animation Wonders


SheZow - (for Australian viewers)


Frozen's show stopping song "Let It Go" -


3. Cordelia Fine - Delusions of Gender - The Real Science Behind Sex Differences - Childhood -


4. Australian magazines


Vogue Australia Chinese Edition -


Raising my androgynous son Andrej Pejic -


5. Tall women clothes


The best sites to buy clothes for tall women -


Tall by Design -


Audrey Rosalie -


Alexa Dress -


Hepburn Shift -



6. Michael Sam and the NFL


Jon Stewart's view


Dallas sportcasters Dale Hansen's view (second video)



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This podcast I chat with my good crossdressing friend Anika, and her wonderful partner Ally.


Questions asked:


* Anika, when did you discover crossdressing?


* Anika, how do you identify on the crossdressing/trans spectrum?


* Ally, what was your initial response to finding out Anika crossdressed?


* Ally, what was your initial response to seeing Anika crossdressed?


* Anika, what do you enjoy about crossdressing?


* Anika, in the past, were you able to find support from family and/or friends?


* Ally, what impact does Anika's crossdressing have on your relationship?


* Ally, can you point to anything that made Anika more comfortable about her crossdressing?


* Both of you, how do you deal with telling friends and family about Anika?


* Anything else to add?



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1. Sports


Lionel Messi and the hazards of a red suit -


Why we find muscular women wildly perplexing? - Jamilla Rosdahl -


2. Assaults on men in Sydney


No country for young men: notions of gender must evolve - Catharine Lumby -


A horrific incident and an unfortunate reminder -


3. SHOP magazine - Which Look Pulls The Most Dates


Link to podcast article -


4. Healthy crossdressing: Avoiding the Supreme Court of Femme


5. Pinterest and Trans-nipples


Kirill Sadovy -


Daniel Landroche -


Modelling shot -


Concern over trans-nipples - Dossier's Andrej Pejic Cover Censored By Barnes & Noble, Borders, -


6. Curse of the mummyji: The eternal but shifting battle between Indian wives and their fearsome mothers-in-law -



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1. 2014 - New Year resolutions


2. Corset purchase


3. A review of social media for crossdressing


4. Gender in the media


Ten things: North Korea's film industry


Are Gender Stereotypes Good for Business?


5. Fashion: CherryPopLatex - through Etsy

My Dress of the Year (already!) - Custom Mademoiselle French themed Latex Dress, horizontal stripes pencil dress with long sleeves.


Custom Bombshell Puff Sleeve Latex Dress with contrast edging -


Custom Bombshell Latex Sweetheart Neckline Puff Sleeve Top with contrast edging

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1. Year in Crossdressing - 2013


2. Male Femininity Tumblr -


3. The bitter pill of male contraception


4. JAPANCRUSH: Photo of Man In Drag Riding Women-Only Carriage Trends Online


5. Bamboozled: Why I am quitting Tropfest


6. Paris Lees: From bullied child to transgender woman: my coming



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In this podcast my wife, Mrs. Aeris, answers the following questions about crossdressing from a significant others' perspective.


* What was your initial response to learning I was a crossdresser?

* What did you think when you first saw me crossdressed?

* Do you think crossdressing has a good, neutral, or negative effect on our lives?

* Why do you think you are so supportive of my crossdressing?

* What advice would you give to significant others trying to understand their partner's crossdressing?

* Are you concerned about me being physically or emotionally harmed by being crossdressed in society?

* Over our relationship, can you point anything that has made me more comfortable with my crossdressing?

* What advice would you give to crossdressers trying to find love?

* Anything else to add?



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1. Two wonderful petitions

3. Fashion - Gary Bigeni
4. Men Finally Welcomed at Switzerland's last surviving finishing school
5. Modelling both as a masculine and a femme


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1. Scrapbooking

2. Fashion segment - Style Area (JP)


WARNING: This website triggered my virus scanner. Operate at your own risk!


3. Book Review - 'The nearest exit may be behind you' essays by S.Bear Bergman


4. App Review - Campus Life


5. Buzzfeed - Germany says its Rainbow Olympic Uniforms Are Not Pride Flags




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1. Seasonal dressing - does the weather affect your dressing?
2. Couples doing the switcheroo
3. Airbrushing and trans-people
Ideas from:
4. Fashion -
5. China gender wars - the jobs Chinese girls just can't do


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1. Thought experiment - The pill


2. Crossdressing in the news


Why Drag Queens are better role models than Disney princesses


Disney Princesses dressed in their princes' threads


3. Book review - Almost perfect


4. Fashion - Little Party Dress


5. Sarcasm - 5 ways discrimination works for crossdressers


(and why we need to get rid of all discrimination)



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1. Crossdressing in the news

Student crowned first transgender high school homecoming queen in US history

Guyana judge rules that crossdressing is legal unless its done for an improper purpose

2. China and Gender - History and Family

Pictures of the Shanghai Marriage Market

3. A crossdresser's guide to shopping in Shanghai

Qipu Road Clothing Market (上海七浦路服装批发市场)

Yatai Xinyang Fashion and Gift Market (亚太新阳服饰礼品市场)

Details can be found at:

4. China and women's magazines



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1. Firsts - How I started crossdressing


2. Crossdressing in the News


Tacoma police seek crossdressing partner


How do people who change gender choose a name


3. Positive message in the world

The Awesome Foundation

Great video describing the organisation -

Website -


4. Fashion - ModCloth


Shiny bubbles dress -


Opine and dine dress -


About the Artist Dress in Red -


5. Male Suffragettes

Meghalaya India: Where women rule, and men are suffragettes -



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The first podcast for Cami's Crossdressing Canopy!




1. Introduction


2. Crossdressing in the News


New Tokyo Crossdressing Bar Appeals to First-Time Drag Queens


Fans Take Videogame Damsels Out of Distress, Put Them in Charge


3. Standing up for what you believe in - A hero


4. Fashion


5. Managing Carmen



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