The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe



1. Cordelia Fine talk - The gender galaxy: beyond Mars and Venus


Her lecture is available at


My previous podcast about Fine's work -


2. Insult, Aggression, and the Southern Culture of Honor: An "Experimental Ethnography"


3. Gender norm problems with a friend


4. #NudeComesInAllShades


5.  CD Pride vs Humiliation


Men taught to suppress emotions - Can't find its linked source, believe it is from


6. Genderqueer Role Models: William Powell Eddins




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1. Therapy


Dr Elizabeth's wisdom


"As a crossdresser, you need to crossdress regularly. It is like your therapy, and will be a huge stress reliever."


"During moments of intense stress, crossdressers can feel their dressing desires much more strongly than normal. These intense feelings can sometimes make crossdressers feel that they need to transition, when in reality all they need is to remove the source of intense stress."


2. #PowerofMakeup


3. Masks


Makup Artist


Lilli Female Foam Latex Mask


Honka White Gothic Hood Foam Latex Mash with Black Lips


Nikki's Monster Shop


2nd Skin


 CreaFX studio


4. Viewpoint: Watching the lesbians in India


5. Shoutouts for this weekend



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