The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe

Gender Stereotypes Quiz 


Assign a value between 0-5 based on how much you like the following things or activities:


If you think it is awesome, give it a 5

If you really like it, give it a 4

If you like it, give it a 3

If you a neutral about it, give it a 2

If you don't like it, give it a 1.

If you really don't like it, give it a 0.


1. Gardening

2. Drinking coffee

3. Baking

4. Going to a hardware / outdoor supplies store

5. Checking social media

6. Playing a harp

7. Wearing dark-coloured clothing

8. Voting

9. Flirting

10. Joining the army

11. Woodworking / Metalworking

12. Drawing

13. Going to parties

14. Drinking beer

15. Camping / hiking

16. Travelling

17. Learning a foreign language

18. Owning a cat

19. Going Go-Kart Racing

20. Watching Action Movies

21. Watching the News

22. Reading Fashion Magazines

23. Eating Thai Food

24. Fighting Sports

25. Wearing Jeans

26. Reading Romance Novels

27. Playing Consoles / Computer Games

28. Scrapbooking / Pinteresting

29. Painting the house

30. Wearing tight-fitting clothing


Listen to the podcast to determine your score, and what I am trying to convey!


MTF Crossdressing Stereotypes Quiz


Preparation / Wearing


1. Wearing eyeliner

2. Wearing full make-up

3. Wearing over-the-top makeup

4. Wearing a wig

5. Wearing femme costumes

6. Wearing skirts

7. Wearing breast forms

8. Wearing femme underwear

9. Wearing a corset

10. Having clean-shaven legs


Activities / Inclinations


1. Shopping for clothes

2. Attracted to men

3. Cooking

4. Cleaning

5. Reading femme magazines

6. Going out in femme attire

7. Having a manicure

8. Dancing in a femme way

9. Being submissive in the bedroom

10. Singing Drag Queen tunes


Listen to the podcast to determine your score, and what I am trying to convey!



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