The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe
Arguments Against Crossdressing - Rebuttals


1. Dogma

 -  Because it is not natural

 - Because it is against our book

2. Society

 - Because it exposes you to possible physical harm

 - Because I will get rejected by my family

3. Philosophical

 - Because crossdressing is sexist, since many crossdressers portray women as sluts or submissive.  In other words, crossdressers portray women as less than men.

 - Because crossdressing reflects modern ideology 's obsession with self-identity.  People need to stop worrying about their individual goals and be more at one with the universe.

4. Limitations

 - Because I don't have money

 - Because I don't have space

 - Because I don't have time

5. Emotional

 - Because I look ugly as a femme

 - Because I feel bad after crossdressing

 - Because you need to accept gender norms to find someone to love you.

 - Because crossdressing is kinky



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