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1. Year in Crossdressing - 2013


2. Male Femininity Tumblr -


3. The bitter pill of male contraception


4. JAPANCRUSH: Photo of Man In Drag Riding Women-Only Carriage Trends Online


5. Bamboozled: Why I am quitting Tropfest


6. Paris Lees: From bullied child to transgender woman: my coming



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In this podcast my wife, Mrs. Aeris, answers the following questions about crossdressing from a significant others' perspective.


* What was your initial response to learning I was a crossdresser?

* What did you think when you first saw me crossdressed?

* Do you think crossdressing has a good, neutral, or negative effect on our lives?

* Why do you think you are so supportive of my crossdressing?

* What advice would you give to significant others trying to understand their partner's crossdressing?

* Are you concerned about me being physically or emotionally harmed by being crossdressed in society?

* Over our relationship, can you point anything that has made me more comfortable with my crossdressing?

* What advice would you give to crossdressers trying to find love?

* Anything else to add?



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