The Genderqueer Crossdressing Universe



1. Introduction


2014 New Years Resolution achieved


SLINK magazine -


2. CANDY magazine


Candy magazine 7 - Lady Gaga / Marilyn Manson -


Candy magazine 8 - The Role Models -


Luis Venegas website -


3. Bridal magazines and their folly


4. Queer Inspiration - My new Pinterest board



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1. Skirts


2. Androgynous Guy blog -


Luis Conk -


Luis in a gorgeous dress -


David Ferran -


3. Review - The new gender workbook by Kate Bornstein



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1. Glass ceiling


My medium-level conference experience


An excerpt of the Marie Claire's excerpt Annabel Crabb's "The Glass Ceiling"


Women in Management survey


2. Costumes




Amy's Bedroom -




Mong Kok Ladies Market -


Costume Market -


Remy Fashion -


Matteo Party -


The air stewardess costume I bought (but mine is in electric pink!) -


3. Norway's mixed army




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1. Halloween - Snow White


Snow White with Owl -


Medium skin tone Snow White -


Asian Snow White -


Pin-Up Makeup Look -


24 Pin-Up Hairstyles That Scream "Retro Chic"


2. Wicked


3. Cosmetic Surgery


4. Pro-active Prosthetics


General info -


Cleavage crop top -


5. Polished Men Point The Finger At Child Violence



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1. Transsexuals and how I think they are awesome


2. The question


3. Transgender T-Shirts


4. BBC Capital - When John become Joan


5. Webcomic - Questionable Content


First comic -


Transgender character Claire first introduced (redhead in fourth panel) -


Claire comes out as transgendered -


Marten - Claire started a discussion which leads to them starting a relationship -



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1. #HeForShe - Emma Watson's amazing speech


Join the campaign at


2. JLaw and other celebrities photo leak 


3. K-Fashion - BONGJASHOP -


Navy dress with pastel flowers - 


Blue sleeveless dress -


Pink/White dress -


4. Magazines


The magazine I couldn't remember -


CANDY Magazine Transgender Michelle Obama cover -


Related article to Afghanistan bocha posh -


5. Madrid Annual High Heel Race -




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1. Gaming


SMOSH GAMES - Honest Trailer - Skyrim -


How World of Warcraft helped me come out as transgender -


2. Sexuality


Interactions between straight people and the transgendered community


Interactions between transgendered people and the transgendered community


3. Clubwear

Red Multi Color-Block Party Dress -


Black Multi Striped Sexy Bandage Dress -





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1. More relaxed podcasts


Chat with TG Counsellor and Academic Dr Elizabeth Riley




Chat with Anika and Ally


2. Make up


41 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Have In Her Arsenal


Colorperfect blending system


3. Andreja Pejic's transition


4.  The Manskirt


The return of the manskirt -


Pinterest - males in skirts -


Red tartan skirt -


Blue knee length skirt -


Japanese men in skirts -


5. Great internet picture relating sexism to men, women, and transgenders.



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Chat with Dr Elizabeth Riley, Transgender Counsellor & Independent Academic

Dr Riley's work website -




  • As a starter, how did you become a counsellor for crossdressing/transgender persons?


  • Why are crossdressing/transgender people like this?


Milton Diamond -



  • Why does trans-phobia exist?

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She (2005) -



  • How can you deal with an unaccepting spouse/other family members?


  • How can I come out to people as crossdresser/transgender? Who should I come out to?


  • How are the counselling issues for transsexuals and crossdressers similar? How are they different?


  • How can I deal with desires to purge?


The Seahorse Society -



  • How do I find a crossdresser/trans-friendly counsellor?


World Professional Association for Transgendered Health -


  • Aside from counselors, what crossdresser/trans resources would you recommend?

Australia & New Zealand Professional Association for Transgendered Health -


The Gender Centre -


  • Anything else to add?




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My take on #YesAllWomen and why violence, whether physical, sexual, or emotional, needs to be stopped.




1. What is #YesAllWomen

TIME Magazine -The Most Powerful #YesAllWomen Tweets by Nolan Feeney


2. Violence

UN chapter on Violence Against Women -

Australian Government Department of Social Services - Facts about women's safety -

What men (and all people) can do to help stop domestic violence -


3. Misogyny

Workplace misogyny discussed in prior podcast -

Election body slammed for sexist cartoon -

Egypt's sexual harrassment pandemic - and the powerlessness of hashtags -

Pantene Philippines - Denise Laurel rises above her labels #WHIPIT -



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The World Cup beckons, so let's talk sport!


1. Transgendered people in sport


Jaiyah Saelua -


2. Female coaches in male sports


Helena Costa -


Amelie Mauresmo -


Peta Searle -


3. BBC News - The strange demands of life as a cheerleader -


4. Fashion - Feminine Sporting Costumes




Synchronised Swimming




58B Deep Green outfit -


59C Canary Yellow outfit -


5. Suzanne Heintz's Mannequins -


6. How to give ourselves advice as good as we give others -



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1. Conchitta's win - YAY!


Russian entrepreneur to open Conchita Wurst hair salon in Moscow


2. Self-expression


3. China self-expression


4. Fashion - Clip-on earrings - Crossdress USA


Five Strand Royal Blue and Rhinestone Dangling Clip-on Earrings


Gold plated Clip-on Earrings


Multi-hoop Rhinestone Clip-on Earrings


Rhinestone Cluster with Black Rhinestone Clip-on earrings


Basket weave Gold clip-on earrings


5. Society perceptions


6. Cosmo!


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1. Transgender / Crossdressing in the Eurovision


1998 Dana International - Diva


2002 Sestre - Samo Ljubezen


2007 Drama Queen - Drama Queen


2007 Verka Serduchka - Dancing Lasha Tumbai


2014 Conchita Wurst - Rise Like A Pheonix


Music Clips in Podcast rights to Universal.


2. Internet things


Disney Princess Batman -


The Western Apperance Ideal -


3. Fashion - Hello Cosplay


Belle dress -


Elizabeth Swann Dress -


Marie Antoinette Victorian Ball Gown -


Pink Cosplay Wig -



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Arguments Against Crossdressing - Rebuttals


1. Dogma

 -  Because it is not natural

 - Because it is against our book

2. Society

 - Because it exposes you to possible physical harm

 - Because I will get rejected by my family

3. Philosophical

 - Because crossdressing is sexist, since many crossdressers portray women as sluts or submissive.  In other words, crossdressers portray women as less than men.

 - Because crossdressing reflects modern ideology 's obsession with self-identity.  People need to stop worrying about their individual goals and be more at one with the universe.

4. Limitations

 - Because I don't have money

 - Because I don't have space

 - Because I don't have time

5. Emotional

 - Because I look ugly as a femme

 - Because I feel bad after crossdressing

 - Because you need to accept gender norms to find someone to love you.

 - Because crossdressing is kinky



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Toilets, The Masqueraders, Shopping

1. Toilets


(i) Strong segegration in toilets


(ii) Differences between the sexes


(iii) Toilet equality fight


(iv) T-people, where to bathroom?


S. Bear Bergman - The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You


Refuge restrooms -


2. Fashion - Janet's Closet


Indulge 2000 Pink boots -


Shiny Latex Mini Snappy -


Olivia Wig -


Pretty Playing Card -

3. Canopy of Wonderfulness Inductee


The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer

4. Quickmeme - These Little Kids can Teach Adults a Thing or Two



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1. Sydney Mardi Gras


2. Cami's conundrum: Dressing in public?


3. Fashion - Long Tall Sally


Monochrome Contrast Dress -


Paisley Scuba Dress -


Ruby Rocks Pheonix Quirky Print Dress -


Floral Mirror Scuba Dress -


4. Facebook's gender identities are a good start - but why stop at 56?


5. Gender in the media


Gorgeous Photography Series Portrays Gay Couples All Over The Globe -


 Sex, brains, and inequality -


6. Cordelia Fine - Delusions of Gender - The Real Science Behind Sex Differences - Adulthood



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1. Facebook Gender and Pronoun Settings: Which Way Will You Go?


2. Animation Wonders


SheZow - (for Australian viewers)


Frozen's show stopping song "Let It Go" -


3. Cordelia Fine - Delusions of Gender - The Real Science Behind Sex Differences - Childhood -


4. Australian magazines


Vogue Australia Chinese Edition -


Raising my androgynous son Andrej Pejic -


5. Tall women clothes


The best sites to buy clothes for tall women -


Tall by Design -


Audrey Rosalie -


Alexa Dress -


Hepburn Shift -



6. Michael Sam and the NFL


Jon Stewart's view


Dallas sportcasters Dale Hansen's view (second video)



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This podcast I chat with my good crossdressing friend Anika, and her wonderful partner Ally.


Questions asked:


* Anika, when did you discover crossdressing?


* Anika, how do you identify on the crossdressing/trans spectrum?


* Ally, what was your initial response to finding out Anika crossdressed?


* Ally, what was your initial response to seeing Anika crossdressed?


* Anika, what do you enjoy about crossdressing?


* Anika, in the past, were you able to find support from family and/or friends?


* Ally, what impact does Anika's crossdressing have on your relationship?


* Ally, can you point to anything that made Anika more comfortable about her crossdressing?


* Both of you, how do you deal with telling friends and family about Anika?


* Anything else to add?



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1. Sports


Lionel Messi and the hazards of a red suit -


Why we find muscular women wildly perplexing? - Jamilla Rosdahl -


2. Assaults on men in Sydney


No country for young men: notions of gender must evolve - Catharine Lumby -


A horrific incident and an unfortunate reminder -


3. SHOP magazine - Which Look Pulls The Most Dates


Link to podcast article -


4. Healthy crossdressing: Avoiding the Supreme Court of Femme


5. Pinterest and Trans-nipples


Kirill Sadovy -


Daniel Landroche -


Modelling shot -


Concern over trans-nipples - Dossier's Andrej Pejic Cover Censored By Barnes & Noble, Borders, -


6. Curse of the mummyji: The eternal but shifting battle between Indian wives and their fearsome mothers-in-law -



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1. 2014 - New Year resolutions


2. Corset purchase


3. A review of social media for crossdressing


4. Gender in the media


Ten things: North Korea's film industry


Are Gender Stereotypes Good for Business?


5. Fashion: CherryPopLatex - through Etsy

My Dress of the Year (already!) - Custom Mademoiselle French themed Latex Dress, horizontal stripes pencil dress with long sleeves.


Custom Bombshell Puff Sleeve Latex Dress with contrast edging -


Custom Bombshell Latex Sweetheart Neckline Puff Sleeve Top with contrast edging

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